B2B addons

$12.00 / monthly
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  • Choose from a portal login, show all variants on the product page and/or invoice feature.
  • Expand your webshop with 3 handy B2B features.
  • Improve the performance of your B2B webshop with the B2B Add-ons.


    Why B2B Addons?

    B2B Addons is a collective name for three different B2B modules. The 'Portal Login', 'Show all variants' and 'Invoice' modules. With B2B Addons, you add 3 powerful B2B functionalities to your webshop.


    1. Portal login: The portal login shows the new face of your webshop, and gives you full control over who shops in your webshop. Your customer only gets access to your shop once you give permission.


    2. Show all variants: With show all variants, ordering different variants is child's play. No more struggles with clunky drop-down menus and switching back and forth between product page and shopping cart. The 'show all variants' module shows all product variants in a list overview, instead of a dropdown.


    3. Invoice module: It probably sounds familiar: customers requesting invoices for orders placed a long time ago for which the exact date is unknown. Looking up the invoice is a time-consuming process. The invoice module puts the customer in charge. The 'invoice' module makes it possible for a logged in user to download a PDF version of his invoice, in his 'my account' environment.



    Step 1: Install the App and login. (your login details will be sent by email)

    Step 2: Select the desired modules. If you choose 'Portal login', you need to configure some settings.

    Step 3: Save your configuration. B2B Addons does the rest.


    Extra information

    The first Addon is included. For each additional Addon, you pay € 10 per month.


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